Stuck scanning (never happened before)

NO ACTUAL SUPPORT NEEDED. Just wanted to make you aware of this issue.

Last night around 17:00 EST I had an unusual boot. Started booting like normal, so I walked away. As I walked away I heard lots of unusual head movement. But I figured “I haven’t used the machine in a while… Probably got updates.” So I went to my computer. It was “Scanning.” So I figured I’d let it sit there a minute. After maybe 5 minutes I went back down to look at it. The head was sitting directly under the camera, the LED’s had dimmed as, apparently, it’d gone to sleep. I bounced it and it booted up just fine and I ran my job.

Again, you can simply close this as I don’t need any answer on it. Just please examine the logs to determine what happened so it can be corrected for all of us going forward.

Thanks! And have a glowing day!


Thanks, @Tom_A. I’ve passed this on to the team, and I’m glad to hear you’re up and printing!

Please let us know if you run into any trouble - as always, we’re happy to help!