Stuck scanning

So I am stuck scanning now. Been this way off and on all day.

What is going on GlowForge. You have had a great in product for me until recently. When I want to laser cut I want to do it right then. I am reading you guys are pushing updates. is this what is delaying is with the scanning and calibration issues recently.

I have removed the crumb-tray and turned it off and on several times. I have unplugged it, I have checked that they lens is clean. I was able to get one test through this after noon. Now but as soon as it was done I have been stuck in scanning.

It is NOT a wifi issue. It would be real nice to have a wifi single strength pop up window on the screen so we can see that before you reply back to people that is what you are seeing in the logs.

Just noticed, scanning showing in the status, even after I have powered it down for a while and restart the glowforge. I do not have a design loaded up at all.


Check and make sure your lens is in correctly…

Something else I just noticed. I opened the iOS app to see if is out of scanning after leaving it on for nearly and hour. The iOS app does not show it as scanning. It shows it as calibrating the head.

But the images has not updated. It is still an image from early in the afternoon.

I have. I checked everything.

Hmmm. Dunno what to tell you. Here’s the troubleshooting page for it, if you haven’t been there already – maybe it will have something to offer:

Yeah, Been there. Going to let it stay on overnight and see if that magically resolves the issue.

Okay. A couple other things – make sure nothing has changed that could interfere with the wifi signal (one person put a metal plate near the GF to keep their magnets on, and that caused the problem). Also you could try changing the wifi channel – sometimes that fixes it.

Yep, not a wifi issue. I have checked.

I have a back ground in networking. :slight_smile:

Yeah, so did the guy who found that particular fix. (And me, but mine is more from back in the days of LANs and WANs and modems!)

There was no issue with his WiFi and the channel appeared clear, but when he finally tried changing it anyway, it fixed the problem. Figured it was worth a mention.

Even though it went against my CCIE mindset, I did try changing the channel. It did not correct the issue. I guess I will wait to get with support sometime tomorrow.

Thanks you for the suggestions.

Oh, well. Sorry about that!

long shot, but did you try turning off the glowforge, opening the lid, and then turning it back on while leaving the lid open? I just read about an issue with cloud updates and initial lid-closed calibration interfering with each other (although it’s not an issue I have seen personally).

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Yep, left if open when I sent to bed.


Yeah, I just sent an email to support to see if this can be resolved today. I promised a few samples to some people and I think I am going to look the fool not delivering as promised.

I have access to a second GlowForge normally. just not today. :frowning:

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.