Stupid question about cutting direction

Would it not make sense to ensure that the “cutting direction” of any design starts from the back and works it’s way down towards the front where the air assist is sucking towards?

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky or I’m not doing something right, but it seems like a lot of smoke staining could be mitigated if it didn’t work front-to-back all the time, because you’re disintegrating any masking on the material, which exposes the unprotected parts to more smokey air-flow. Start at the back first and the smoke is getting pulled over a still-masked surface.

I’m sure there’s some very good reasons for why it’s doing what it’s doing … would love to know more about the rationale :slight_smile:

That has been a common discussion on the forum from the first videos that appeared. It’s evidently in the hopper for long range planning to be able to decide which direction the head travels, to front or back.

One common reason for not going through the smoke is that the laser isn’t attenuated by the smoke. This topic has lots of discussion on it.


Beaten to my own post. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

And thanks for the link @marmak3261!

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