Stupidly closed browser halfway through 13 minute cut

Having started my 13 minute, 5 pass cut, I got busy with other things on my PC and started closing extra browser windows. At around 7 minutes remaining in my job (guessing), my mouse was working faster than my brain and I closed the browser window my job was running in. I fully expected it to stop at any time soon and my plan was to leave my panel in the GF - as is - and just run the same job on top of it.

To my surprise, the job kept running another 6 minutes and completed the cut. I’m posting this because there was some disagreement in older posts about whether you could close the browser in the middle of a cut? I don’t know why you would choose to purposely close the browser, but if you close it accidentally, your cut, at least in my case, will continue to completion.


I accidentally did it once, also, about a month ago. Mine finished as well. I was always under the impression that once the job was sent to the GF, that the browser wasn’t needed except to watch the countdown.

I never saw the need to test it out…not purposely, at any rate.


Once the button starts flashing, all of the instructions to run your job have been sent to and stored on your Glowforge. Your computer isn’t doing anything other than showing a status update. If you close the browser and want to see the status, you can just reopen it. You could also start setting up the next job.


Good to know. I was wondering about setting up the next job? I’ve been waiting for the job to finish before touching the browser. Thank you!


Setting up the next project.
A thing I’ve wondered about and been too nervous (and lazy) to try. Thanks for the info!


I’ll often have the GF app open in 3-4 tabs, each with a different job set up, so I can just hit print as each one finishes.


Oh that’s interesting. I never considered that. Opening different jobs in multiple tabs would certainly give me something to do while the active job is running and save a heck of a lot of waiting time. Thank you!

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This has always been the case. Once you press the button, you could shut down your device, makes no difference. Not sure where you read any different.


WOW ! that is something I never thought of. Greatest Tip ever for me Thank you .

As soon as you press the button to start the job you can go back to your dashboard and prep the next cut.

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