Sublimating Proofrgrade Acrylic

Haven’t found settings that work yet. Saw some YT vids that showed great results at 400/60, not for me. Tried 400/90sec…that is when I realized (for the first time) how bad hot acrylic smells. It works great on MDF, however. I’ll keep you updated.


I use 350 degrees for 60 seconds I think. I know it’s definitely 356 F degrees-ish because my press is set to 180 Celsius. But I can’t remember if I do 60 or 100 seconds.

But at 180 Celsius the color is perfect.


Do you do mostly white acrylic? Or get the same results on clear? (Thanks for the help)

This was sub’d on the back of 1/4 clear acrylic and then spray painted white. The image was low-rez, but I was just playing around. I have had decent results on white, but the acrylic warped on me pretty badly. Just to the left of the text you can see the texture that got melted into the piece from my teflon protector sheet.


I do both white and clear. The clear looks great if there is a white background (like when I put it up to the wall), otherwise it’s hard to see. More like a stained glass but not as saturated. It also looks good holding up to the sunlight, but on it’s own, fo rme, it’s hard to see.



The image is nice. Did you press for 15 seconds with the lamination sheet and then let cool down, then after cool, put sub sheet on then press for 45 seconds. Then put something heavy on it as it not to warp. Instead of paint get white acrylic that may be better.

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This was sub’d onto white acrylic.

I don’t recall the settings right off hand, but it did warp and the paper stuck so bad I had to wash it off. I have never used lamination sheets. What does that entail?


I will have to try it on acrylic. I did mine on canvas

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