Sublimation aluminum panel

Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask, has the machine can cut a sublimation aluminum panel?

I know it does not cut very well Metals and only some metals to be etched on them …

Sublimation aluminum like this:

Thank you :slight_smile:

A CO2 laser cannot generally cut metal…there is a special attachment for some machines that can but I doubt it would work with the GF

And if cutting repeat it several times it did not help?

The glowforge does not cut metal, its only removes the anodization from aluminum. If you are looking to cut aluminum, you might want to consider a CNC machine. Glowforges pseudo-sister company Inventables has a CNC machine called the x-carve that can mill aluminum.

The next closest thing you will find is going to either be a fiber laser or a plasma cutter, both of which are a lot more expensive than the glowforge or x-carve.


Nope…it doesnt “burn” hot enough.

I’m assuming it will knock the ink off a sublimated aluminum panel, which I’m planning to use for a some jewelry projects. I’ll let the GF cut me a line through the ink, then hand-saw that outline with a jewelry saw (until we get a CNC mill).


So use it as an advanced “scribe” of sorts… I like it


Being able to accurately scribe artwork to the surface of metal will be a major improvement.
So many times in the creation of a piece, it has involved transferring a design to material as a cutting guide. Usually accomplished by hand drawing if different in scale, or epoxy the paper design directly to the metal if same scale, and cut through it.

As “leather Woman” @morganstanfield said, a jewelers coping saw makes quick work of an outline in metal.