Submarine, yellow

That looks great!!!
In regards to your question… You could also just create a circle add 2 boxes to match your slot dimension one on top, one on bottom and group them. Now copy them again and rotate them 90 degrees and line them up on sides. Now group all 4 and copy them twice then rotate 1 set 30 degrees and the other 60 degrees. That will give you 12 tabs/12 slots. Use a 12-sided polygon to line them evenly and cut them out of the circle. Yes, yes, yes…I know it’s a really long way and not perfectly accurate but it also works when you have trouble using other tools in illustrator. It took longer for me to type out the instructions than it took to actually make one. LOL


Hehe, I did something similar to your process, but the other way I could resize the circle at whim and my 1/8 inch slots would move with it. Seems awesome.

Looks great! Very fun!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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