Subscription Update

Good Morning
Does anyone know if there is a way to update your subscription credit card information? My bank was sold to another bank, therefore changing my card information, and I don’t want to loose my subscription price. I have emailed Glowforge support several times with no response. I have called the phone number and left a message and still no response. If anyone can assist I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you

I believe Glowforge support is the only way to accomplish this. Your emails are a record of your efforts to reach them in a timely fashion, and I am sure they will get back to you and get things straightened out.


Thanks dklgood

If you go to Select settings, then Purchase History, then Manage Subscription. You can get to a place where the billing credit card can be edited or add another credit card.


Awesome. I found it. Thank you so very much

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