Succesful stainless steel flask engraving / marking!

My husband was having great success using your setting on flasks and bottle openers and Brilliance Laser Inks. We went to do some more flasks & bottle openers last night and tonight, and it won’t mark. Any ideas?

When the head is moving all over the place and it doesn’t appear to be marking the first thing to check is that you didn’t accidentally switch your settings to default. The default power is 1 and doesn’t mark anything. It is really easy to do.

If it’s not that we need more details because the possibilities are wide open.

We both double-checked the settings as we are still fairly new and they were matched what we used previously (even have them as a custom setting). We wonder if we need to wipe them down with alcohol (though he never did that in the past), read that he needs to mark them sooner rather than later so will try that…other than maybe needing to do another cleaning, I am at a loss. Using 800/80/270 for settings.

Whenever you have an issue, you need to run a known-good file on known-good material. Support would have your run the Gift of Good Measure on Medium Draftboard. If that prints successfully, then the machine is fine and it’s your material or settings. If not, you have a machine issue that needs to be addressed.

Thank you for everyone’s help & suggestions. After narrowing down going through the checklist, turns out a good cleaning helped. Thankfully that’s a simple fix…will just have to do this more often as we’ve never even got close to the 40 hours suggested clean. I’ve done the 40 and 120 since we received it 10/17 this year.

That’s an average depending on how you’re using the machine and what materials it’s having to blast away. It’s designed primarily for wood and acrylic, and that’s what the averages are based on. Airborne particles from different materials can cause different levels of contamination.

Using your settings, I made this lovely engraved flask for my brother-in-law with the logo of his distillery!


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That looks awesome!

So thankful for this post. I’ve been trying to get this to work for over a week. A friend gave me marking spray that had no english on it so I was just fumbling around in the dark till I looked this up. You made my day. Thank again.


Where did you get your flask from?

Bulk order from Amazon.

Hey! what settings did you use for this project

The original poster answers this question in the May '19 post.

Hey there, I also cannot afford Cermark. I purchased some black flasks off Amazon and thought since they are not shiny it should be fine? What do you guys think? Also, they were pretty affordable for an 8 pack.

Always worth a shot. :wink:

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If it turns out, I’ll be sure to post the product. :grinning:

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And how did it turn out?

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Oh! Really well.


That’s awesome!
So it removes the coating, but doesn’t really “engrave” the metal then?

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