Sudden loss of laser, bubbling sound

Please help! Unit working fine, then suddenly no laser, see bubbles moving through inner laser tube, hear bubbling sound inside unit. No evidence of any liquid leaking out anywhere. Is there a liquid resevoir I am supposed to be filling? Running a business with this machine so any help much appreciated.

Unfortunately, that sounds like an air leak in the coolant system. (It’s a closed system - the only time it’s supposed to bubble is when it first starts up since it gets turned around a lot during shipping.)

  1. Don’t try to run the machine again until you hear from support. Turn it off now. (Unplugging also probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.)

  2. Check the tube carefully for hairline cracks. They are easier to see if the tube is clean. You might need to shine a flashlight in under both edges of the machine too to see the part under the side panels. If you see anything that looks like a crack, try to take a photo and post it for support.

  3. Also check the reservoir under the left side panel at the front. Look for moisture anywhere where it shouldn’t be.

Sorry for the news, but continuing to run the machine could make it worse. You need to wait to hear from them. :neutral_face:

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I can definitely see now that the coolant level in the tube is low. Must be a coolant leak, though so far I can’t find moisture in the unit. Any chance the laser tube is salvageable after this type event stops the laser working, or is it likely a replacement at this point?

Can’t tell without actually seeing it, but it could be a cracked tube (definite replacement required) or a leak in the reservoir. (Don’t know what the fix is for that.)

I’m sorry, it’s just me guessing at this point. Not much help I know.

If there’s no fluid inside the machine, and the coolant level is low, the only place the coolant could be is inside the laser tube itself (vs. just inside the jacket around the tube).

Have you pulled out the crumb tray and reached in to the left side of the machine with your hand to make sure it’s not wet? You should obviously unplug it before you do, though the coolant is mineral oil (I think) not water, so it doesn’t conduct electricity.

One other thing to check…remove the tray and upend it over a towel. The liquid could have dropped into the tray and you might not see it. (Maybe look down into it with a flashlight and see if it looks wet.)

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the laser. I see you have already emailed us about this and I have followed up there. So I am going to close this thread.