Sudden shut down on Pro, more of a heads up

The job was being cut as expected until the Glowforge suddenly shut down. In the GFUI on my laptop the timer was still counting down, so I dismissed the progress window, leaving the file being cut from open on screen. The power switch on the back of the GF was toggled off and then on with no change in status (still off). (GF unplugged) The extension cord confirmed working/under load. Then the GF was plugged back into the extension cord, the GF power switch toggled back on and the unit came back to life. The flashing light pulsed, I pressed it. Cutting resumed at a different but correct location, then the whole job was finished correctly. There was no communication on screen, or any directions as to what happened or what to do next or even what to expect, which all would have been helpful to see in the GFUI. Anyway, for the moment JediToaster seems to have completed a new job that had more detail than the previous “off-then-resumed” job.
Pro Model
DXF Export from Fusion 360
SVG exported from Adobe Illustrator CS6
MacOS Laptop (running Mojave, current build)
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Check the power interlock staple thingy by the power switch to insure it is pushed in all the way.


Does vibration from the movement of the laser along the rails cause the staple thingy to become loose and move? Will duct tape cure this malady?

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I couldn’t say, I don’t own a pro, I just know a few have experienced a power issue because of it.

Was that the problem?

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Not generally. (I’ve never seen it happen in a couple years.) It might have gotten loosened during shipping though…just push it all the way in if it’s out.


Mine hasn’t worked its way loose in any of my traveling around with it.


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m so sorry for the trouble. Has this happened again?

Hi Stephan,
Thanks for getting back to me. No it has not happened twice. I’m wondering if there was a small local power fluctuation that day that could have caused the misfuncrion? I do t know how to check on that. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted if anything changes. So far the GF has been very reliable for me.

I’m glad to hear it hasn’t happened again! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!