Suddenly needed a dice tower


Odd series of events today led to a need for a quick & dirty dice tower.

Used this nice $4 pattern on Etsy, plus a sheet of PG draftboard. All settings are PG default.

The pattern came with really nice engraving & score patterns, but due to time constraints they were omitted from this build.


Very nice! Great to be able to knock out an emergency tower at need, isn’t it? :grinning:


Not to mention custom D6 dice! :sunglasses:

I :heart: my :glowforge: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Cool! Never thought to look in Etsy for laser patterns.


You say dice tower? I can do that while you wait. :sunglasses:


Oh yeah. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said “aww geez, I need a dice tower Stat!” :grinning:


It’s a very common issue, happens every day :grin:


Looks good! :grinning:

That is the first request from our son-in-law … a dice tower. Can’t wait to make one!


Feeling my age, I’ve only ever used a dice cup.


Very cool that you could purchase something like that on Etsy. I actually never would have thought to look there.


Me too…from backgammon?


Stat means now!
-Dwight Schrute


Nice. Best part is, you can make dice for that dice tower with the GF too!


Never forget to check Thingiverse and other free sites when looking to pick up a design file.

Supporting designers who sell their files is cool, and the one from Etsy does seem more visually appealing. But when your desire is simply “Any dice tower,” there are plenty of options :slight_smile:


Now that you mention it, I have an aunt who played backgammon with me when I was a kid. I was thinking shake a day and dice games at the bar for drinks, or in the case of my at the time 6, 7, 8 year old sister to take quarters off of old men. Both are long gone, although I wouldn’t be opposed to a game of backgammon.


That was actually my first stop. The one I chose turned out great. It was designed for 3.2mm materials and the kerf adjustment was perfect. It pressed fit so well, I didn’t even glue it. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I used to play backgammon with my grandmother when I was about that age…7 or 8. I remember it being fun, and I liked the dice cup. Before that, I had only used my hand to shake dice. How primitive!


Believe it or not I had never heard of a dice tower before getting on this forum. Never really played board games. Not all that comfortable sitting for hours in the same small room with others.

And because I had never been exposed to a dice tower my first reaction was… Why?


When I first saw dice towers I was confused as to why anyone would ever want them.

Then I played dice games with kids under 6 years old… Anything to reduce the noise (padded tower) and keep them on the table is PHENOMENAL.


I knew them only through GreyLightning’s videos & the like. A client held an event today that involved participants rolling dice on a relatively small table (long, non-gambling-related story), so a tower seemed to be (and was!) the perfect solution.