Suggested settings for this photo

I will be using proof grade plywood or draft board to print this photo.

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Nice shot of Sahara dust?

You might want to go here and read about prepping photos first:

Also, there are a bunch of threads on the forum, check them out.

Wonderful photo,.


it is actually a beach in SC. Folly beach in charleston I think. There is also boneyard beach that has the trees in the ocean here.

I’ve ridden horses on that beach. One of the few we could take our dogs onto as well…

The photo i have posted is not the edited one. I purchased and prepped the photo already. I was just wondering what proof grade material would this look best on and the settings i should use. like draft photo, HD photo. SD Graphic, etc.

If recent there is a huge cloud of Sahara dust over the SE US making exceptional sunrises and sunsets,

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