Suggested Software Upgrades

Just a thought for future upgrades in the software platform. It would be awesome if the home page contained folders to organize designs. We make tons of stuff in various categories and it gets tough to sort though everything all at once. This would save a ton of time!


That idea is wanted by many and has been in the ‘hopper’ for some time now. It would be wonderful, for sure.

Yup, couple years in the hopper… but maybe the more folks ask, the higher up on the action list it gets?

But after I filled up a couple pages in my library, I realized it’s much faster for me to find my files that manage in my own computer, and just upload rather than try to open anything saved in the GF directory. (As well as issues with the library never loading the same file that I selected or other odd issues).

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They will do this some day. And there will be great rejoicing.

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Yea. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it. - I’m going to close this thread.