Suggestion: Clean surfaces with sharp edges via advanced focal/power management

When engraving acrylic, it should theoretically be possible to engrave an area, with a kerf’s distance from the edge, in an unfocused state (with slightly more power) to give it a smooth surface finish. By gradually changing the focal distance and power back to optimal as the laser head reaches any edges, this can keep the edge sharp while still providing a smooth surface finish everywhere else. This will avoid the rounded edges that generally result from doing an unfocused engrave all the way to the edge of an engraved area.

A programmatic understanding of these values should remain pretty consistent when working with most or all acrylics and provide the ability to give amazing engraves without users having to separate these functions into separate layers and do multiple engraves.

I dont expect this to be something you guys implement soon, or maybe ever implement, but its definitely something you guys could potentially do with the tech built into the glowforge. I know I would use it if you did! Could be cool!

@aeva @dan


Thanks @takitus! I’ve let the team know.