Suggestion for a simple improvement

I frequently have lots of tabs open. It would be nice if the site had a different favicon color/design from community.

(For non-web developers out there, a favicon is the small icon that appears in your tabs in your browser. Currently, it’s a simple standard glowforge icon.)

In fact, it would be handy to have at least 3 colors: One for app, one for shop, and one for community/main site.

Seems simple enough, depending on how you architected your website and how fervently you’re adhering to your branding. Would make my life a tiny bit simpler.

(I was unable to find a ‘suggestion box’, or I’d have posted it there.)


I moved it into #problems-and-support which is where suggestions will be seen by staff.

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I agree on this. I’ve closed the app too many times by accident when closing my 256 open forum tabs.


I’m totally on board with this as a tab abuser and not to sound like on of our infamous members but this could be done quite quickly.


Yes and for people with access to more than one machine it would be handy if their tabs were different as well. OctoPrint shows the machine name on the tab and allows you to colour the title bar. Very handy if you have lots of similar 3D printers.


I’ll tag @rita so someone will see it as support doesn’t scour the discourse site. They get tickets generated by a new topic posted.

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FYI moving doesn’t trigger a read from Support. Creating does. Although they may certainly cone across it regardless.

Good idea, but in the meantime-- have you tried leaving app.glowforge open in a different browser? Like using safari for every day browsing and dedicating firefox to glowforge? Just a thought to save accidental closures.

Also, wonder if anyone out there has the chops to develop the kind of status bar app to just be a dedicated browser tab that never really closes for it. There is a mac app for trello that does this before the official app came out. Put trello safely outside of accidental closures.

This is an excellent suggestion for the hopper. Hopefully once the team delivers all the amazing features they’ve promised they will prioritize it to be worked on afterward.

Just to add onto this one, I’d appreciate if they can make the tab blink or do something when there is a status change.

If the user is in a different tab, either flash, sound notification, or something else to indicate something has changed/completed:

  1. When the image has been rendered onto the bed
  2. When you are ready to hit the print button
  3. When the job has completed
  4. When the GF has completed cooling and calibrating and is ready to print again

Just adding my two cents here


Thanks so much for the suggestions. I’ve recorded them all and shared them with the rest of the team.