Suggestion for catalog items

In the description, it would be nice to see how much material is needed, even if it’s just a description of PG sheets (i.e., 1 x 12x20 Medium Maple Plywood; 1 x 5x10 light leather). it’s nice to see a finished size, but you need the flat size of each piece to know what materials you need.


I agree.
Some of the designs are fantastic but if you run out of material,hmm?


Oh yes, this would be really helpful!

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I agree with this. It would help weed out the projects that you just don’t have the material for on hand, or know what you need to buy on the next run. Good idea!


Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a great idea! I’ll make sure to pass this on to the correct team and let them know it came from customer requests on the forum.