Suggestion for zoom

currently, when you zoom in, it kind of zooms in and out of the center of the current screen. i say kind of, because it doesn’t seem to hold to that exact center, but in the ballpark.

I would to have at least an option when I zoom to have it actually zoom in or out based on what’s selected on the screen. so if i zoom in and have a portion of the design selected, it would zoom in/out on that. if i have the whole design selected, it would zoom in/out on that. that would make it a lot easier to get to small objects on the screen when you need to zoom in. and make it so when you zoom out, it keeps what you have selected centered.


Inkscape does keyboard zoom really well:

3: zooms to selection
4: zooms to all items
5: zooms to document - which could be the whole bed instead
+/- of course zoom in and out

That would be neat in the UI.

While I’m here, so would swapping Ctrl and Shift for constraining rotation - its the other way round in Inkscape and I always get it wrong in the GF UI.


In the GFUI (ctl mouse wheel ) Zooms in and out from where the mouse is; just the mouse wheel goes up and down Right click and move moves the design I would much rather that Shift mouse wheel went side to side or some such things. The mouse wheel also goes side to side perhaps that could move the image side to side?


This is a good idea… Except not everyone has a mouse wheel. It would be nice to have options that don’t rely it.

Like scroll bars. :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, everyone! I’ll make sure the team gets them.