Suggestion: let me download current 20x12 bed image

Hi guys,

When composing a cut for a slice of material that’s already got holes in it (or isn’t the size of the whole cuttable area) then I have to position in two steps:

  1. position my cuts and engraves relative to each other in my CAD package
  2. position them relative to edges and holes in the material in the GFUI

To speed this up it would be useful to have

  • a button to download the current bed image (wide angle camera), having the correct 20x12 ratio and extents so that if (theoretically) loaded back, it would engrave a picture of the bed image onto the material in the bed at 1:1 scale with no offset (or small offset).

I would then load that image into my drawing app, scale it appropriately (to 20x12 or relative to my cuts) and then position the cuts relative to the holes/edges visible in the imported bed image.

I could then send the bed image plus the cut lines back to the GFUI as a layered SVG, and all my cuts would be in the correct position relative to the hole already, since the GFUI would recognize the shape of the 20x12 image and scale and position all items proportionately.



Great idea. I wonder if you can right click->save as from the browser and use it as a layer to test out your general workflow? Might let you get a good bit of the functionality until such time that GF might let you save it.

Sometimes active interfaces like this don’t let you get away with that, but you can almost certainly get at the image if you’re determined to by using a dom explorer etc.

You’d have to scale the resulting image in your editor to be 20x12 ish (you’d have to work the scale out, it’ll be a little weird, given the fisheye correction and such) but I think the method has promise.

Overall spitting out a svg would be way better.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass your suggestion on to the team.