Suggestion: make menu bar links in GFUI open another window

After the 15th time clicking “support” when I mean to hit the three dots and immediately being taken away from the UI, I think it’s safe to say that the UI navigation could be improved. All links in the black navbar should spawn new tabs, if I’m in the UI I want to stay there.



  • and while we’re here Set Focus shouldn’t require 2 clicks. Move Insert Shape/Text under the + and put Set Focus where they are now (pretty please?)

I have on many occasions done this, only to come back and all the undos I was depending on vanish.

If we’re gonna reorganize menus, can I request something other than 3 dots as an icon? What was wrong with the old settings cog? I don’t think the new icon even has a name, the manuals and support pages still say to click the gear icon to do things.


Thank you for the feedback! We haven’t announced anything like these, but I’m going to send them to our product team with a note that it came from customer requests.