Suggestion: please allow us to gift or share shop credit

Not a problem, just a suggestion for support:

Is there a way for us to gift or share shop credit with other users (like how you can gift FF miles)? Or, are you considering gift certificates for the GF shop? If not, will you please add this idea to the hopper? Someone else posted a similar request recently for gift certificates and I think it would be popular.

It’d be a nice way for family members to gift PG materials to their favorite forger. It would also be a nice way for forum members to “tip” or thank each other for their help when someone goes above and beyond.


No. :smile:

update after lockage:
(Chuckle! No, I meant no to Drea. It was a private thing. Never mind…I’m going to go crawl away now.) :woman_facepalming::smile:


Thanks for asking @Drea. I’ll make sure the question is brought to the attention of our team! Jules is right, currently, we don’t have a program like that in place.

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