Suggestion: Push button again -- repeat last job

So, I frequently find myself in the position of running the same job multiple times – not when things have gone wrong, but either when I need to do more than three passes on an engrave, or when I’m engraving multiple identical objects. I put one in at a time into a jig, run a job, swap it out for the next blank.

Obviously it’s not a huge inconvenience to go back to the app and tell it to print again, but the scanning process does take a minute or so, and since pushing the button without a job loaded currently does nothing, it’s an open opportunity. If you’re concerned about accidental activation, it could be a double-tap to activate. Or tap to load, run the normal process and then tap to run.

I may be on the fringe with this use case, but I think anyone doing a production run could find it useful.


Grand idea for when at the machine doing batch jobs.

It stops, you empty it and replace with new raw material, press button again (double tap or whatever to wake it up). Zoomie, back in business.

I am certainly not the only one about 40 feet away from the machine location. I have been getting a lot of mindless exercise lately.

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I have similar issues, but once everything is set, bring in my tablet and launch from that. It is very clumsy for setting up, but if you are only doing repeats works well.

Last time I tried, opening both at the same time will cause a crash. They should fix that so either can give commands or change things. And letting us know would help too. Last time I congratulated them on a fix they broke it again.

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You aren’t on the fringe with this as far as I’m concerned! It would be extremely useful!

I second this idea. I’m currently printing up table caddies and have to print some of the parts several times. Just pushing the button would be so much faster for me. The print time for me is 50 minutes for the whole caddy, saving 5 minutes here and there will add up for me.

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Thanks for the suggestions @rgrannan! I’ll make sure the team gets them.