Suggestion to GF team

It would be nice if GF can have a “pause” in it’s UI page. This can be used to re-position the material without complicated camera adjustment. For example, I might have a small marker at the corner of my design and I set GF to pause after scoring this marker. This way I can see how much my actual output is off-printed. Then I can open the lid (provided that this is just pause, not to cancel the print in progress) and re-position as necessary and closing the lid to continue printing. I think of this pause as a step that can be inserted after any left side steps in GF UI.

any comment is welcome

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You aren’t the first to ask for this.

Good to know that.

GF staff doesn’t monitor this forum. If you want to record it as a feature request, post over in Problems and Support.

One problem is the machine has no way of knowing where the head is, so if you bumped it during the process, you could end up damaging the machine when the print resumes.

If your machine is properly calibrated (when was the last time you ran the calibration print?), it should be accurate down to 1mm or less, especially near the center of the bed.

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