Suggestions ANYONE?

My Daughter wants me to make her wedding invites on the glowforge with wood. My question is would you use draft board or the wood sheets? which would work better?

If it is a lot of them I’d buy precut ones from someone like cards of wood and just engrave them.

But yes I’d do hardwood if you aren’t painting them. Bare draftboard (mdf) and even plywoods are too ugly for a wedding.

maybe proofgrade plywood. But if it were me I’d go the precut route do you wouldn’t have “laser edges”. Little plaques from a craft store or something.


Could do something like this too:

VersaChalk Premium Slate Mini Chalkboard Signs for Food with Easel Stand, 3 x 4 Inches, 4 pcs - Small Rustic Chalk Board Farmhouse Decorations for Wedding Table Numbers, Graduation Party, Baby Shower

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I second the Cards of Wood suggestion, and congrats to your daughter.

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Avoid draftboard for pretty cards. I would do a fancy linen white or cream paper with lots of difficult-looking lace cutouts and a colored inside paper. Bonus is that they will be ready in time for the wedding ;p

Are people going to keep them and value them forever? Your daughter will. I would make her one super fancy wood design to keep in a memory book, then make the rest from paper. What really matters is sending a good picture for family to stick on the fridge to remember how much fun they had at the wedding;p

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Congrats, another option is wood veneer card stock–is backed with neutral shade of paper. I’ve used some for business cards, but I decided to print the text to get good contrast, but I did a custom cut design (really appreciate the snap marks for that job!). was my source, but I’m sure there are others.



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