Suggestions for a dollhouse


Good day folks.

I got contacted to make a dollhouse for someone. I pretty much want to pass on the job because, even though I’m a woodworker by trade, it’s out of my wheel house by a lot.

Then I remembered I have a laser, so pew pew make things…

Anyone have a suggestion for purchasable plans or something of that idea that I could use to build the structure. It’s for “American dolls”. So 18" tall apparently.

I don’t even know where to look. Google has some ideas, but they are small.

I want to be primarily lasered. I really don’t feel like fiddling with small bits.




Even with a GF, this doesn’t look like a laser project except for maybe “dressing it up” a little bit.

American Girl Dollhouse Plan


Thank g-d for ana white… Her learning towers are awesome. And I’m sure I’ve done something else from her.