Suggestions for unwarping plywood?

My latest batch of ply has quite a warp on it, corner to corner. What’s the best way of de-warping plywood?

Plenty of info if you search the web (Google)…

Generally applying a little moisture, then laying on a flat surface with weight above it, i.e. all your other materials. Not sure how that would work with masked Proofgrade.

All my material is stored in a large stack, over a foot tall, on a flat surface. It’s a little inconvenient to rummage thru for certain things, but at least everything stays flat.


Those big 24"x24" tiles are very flat and rather heavy. If you have tile-terry cloth-damp plywood-terrycloth-tile and perhaps an anvil on top or other heavy object left a few weeks and it will be flat. :grin:

As the tile is impervious, the flat cloth will allow the water to escape.

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I place a moist paper towel between warped sheets (with the warps away from each other) and then place them in a heated press (like ones used to apply transfers to clothing) for a few hours. I will heat the press to about 150 degrees and after an hour or two I turn off the heat and let it return to room temperature. For long term storage I do as @eflyguy does.


Stacking flat in good! The heat press is better if you have one. Storing the tiles on top of the stack keeps the top of the stack flat too.

I also got several stackable short trays to organize the material and keep the humidity constant and any possible bugs out.

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I have a 12x18" piece of aluminum 2" thick that I place on top. Short term, I have some plastic bread racks used to keep bread from being damaged in transport that I keep an assortment of material in by the GF.


Thanks for all the suggestions. These were all supplied warped, I do keep them stacked flat.

I shall have to try adding some damp towels and find a heavy weight or two!


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