Suitable medium for spraying mount board?

Framing a large number of different fan leaves, I need to change the mount board colour to better suit the individual fan leaf.
Any suggestions for the best medium that will not have any adverse effect on the board ?

Spray cans, though convenient, have a limited range of colours, and if I decide to set up a proper spray gun/booth, I’m in for some expense, so at this stage it’s a case of a few experiments to see what might be the best way forward.
Anyone been down this path, or similar ?
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I don’t have an answer for you but I’ll bet @smcgathyfay knows the answer and it probably would involve airbrushes and custom mixed colors from a basic palette.

That said, I’ve been having good luck with Canson Watercolor Plein Air Artboard. If you mix up enough watercolor paint ahead of time and apply it with a wide brush, it dries quite evenly and is really a nice surface. It does bow a trifle with the water but all you need to do is place it under a stack of books to flatten it. It’s about the same thickness as mat board.


Hi cynd11, that sounds like a very practical way to start. As SWMBO has pointed out, at the moment I don’t know just how often I shall need to do this, but being able to create just the right colour to make a particular leaf ‘pop’ suggests that I need to have a system to hand, when the need arises.
So thanks for the tip
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I assume you have look at montana gold paints? They come in a ton of colours and paint really nicely

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Pity I no longer live in UK, or better still in Germany.
I wonder why they called themselves ‘Montana’ ?
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EDIT just found a link to give me US stockist. I do find the layout of their site a bit obscure, and took me some time to find a colour list, but I got there in the end, so thanks for the link.

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your local art supply store should carry them and be able to get whatever colours you need if online doesn’t work

Shady business practice.
Spanish graff artists started Montana Colors and developed the first fine-art spray cans for the graffiti market. The were popular, and distribution deals were made, one with a german company, L&G. This german distributor then worked with Motip Dupli (known in the US as Dupli-Color) to make exact-copy bootleg montana paints. Dupli tried to buy spanish Montana, was turned down, and then took them to court, saying that they had equal rights to use the Montana brand name. Then they found a Swiss company that had registered the name Montana (for something else) and payed them a royalty to use the name, and then took the Spanish company to court demanding the name and market shares. The original Montana changed their name and markings to MTN.
So, now we have Spanish Montana (MTN, Montana Colors, Hardcore, 94, Alien) and German Montana (Montana Cans, Montana Gold, Montana Black, Montana Platinum). Both are high-pigment, fine art paints, with a large variety of colors. Both support the street-art/graffiti scene. Both are available online. I much prefer the spanish paint, MTN, both ethically and in practice (MTN 94 is, hands down, my favorite paint).
They sell direct to the public from
(and no, I am not affiliated with them… I wish!)
Belton Molotow is another fine-art spray paint with a wide color-range that many people prefer to MTN/Montana, and may be a better option for cold-weather painting.


Thanks for the detailed heads up, throwing light into the shade !
On the subject of graffiti, or related to it, did you clock the latest Banksy sale in Sotherby’s.
Do wish I’d been there.
Bit of a practical joker myself. . . .only in my youth, you understand !

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“He has made Damien Hirst look like an amateur,”
-John Brandler, director of Brandler Art Galleries


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