Sunday Funday

A couple of simple projects for family members. Both the cork and the cutting board are from IKEA.


Nice work, the Punisher while one of my favorites, has been associated with a Vigilante, limited audience. Excellent engrave though.

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Oh cool! Love the coaster! (Even if I do not understand it’s full significance.) :smile:

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It’s a Thor symbol. :cloud_with_lightning:
More of a hot pad though since it’s about 7-8” in diameter. Of course it could be a coaster for the Texas sizes margaritas we have…


Well, Thor is cutting a rug at the moment here… Boom! Cracka-lacka! :smile:

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Happily, it’s quite up here in the DFW area today…unlike yesterday morning.

They came out really nice. You nailed it!


Nice engraves!