Sunday tile...redux


I can’t spoil my mom anymore… but I can spoil others’.
225 lpi 600 spd full power. 2 passes
Sharpies are my friend…


I think I like your tile better than the white tile i purchased, it gives it character and compliments what you wrote. Good work


Awesome sentiment! I like the rough tile too. :grinning:


How thoughtful of you! Your tiles are looking great, I’d say you nailed it.


I had to try to remember what name this tile is. Pretty sure it is “Noce” . Lowe’s. They have two side by side, though one is more tan. I think this surface texture resonates with my imperfect nature. :sunglasses:


The tile looks very artsy … Lovely sentiment!


Awwww I love that sentiment! I’d like to use that phrase on something at the wedding when I marry Philip. Do you know who said that quote? Really like that font too.


Great depth on those engraves!


I have no idea… but if it was Yoda I’m thinking it would be "Marry your best friend, happy will you be…":sunglasses:


Wow :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You sound just like Yoda! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: