My first major project on the Glowforge. This is :proofgrade: thick maple plywood - I’m skeptical that it’ll hold up outside past the summer, but consider this a test run before a rebuild with a water-resistant hardwood once I can source the right material.


Sweeeeet! :sunglasses::+1:

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Makes me want to go a tree down :slight_smile:

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Dress? Talk? Hunt? Choke? You’re leaving me in such suspense…


Breathtaking design!

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It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

I think I’m going to just go around leaving ____ in my sentences and see what happens.


That’s a ____ idea!


A few coats of Marine Spar Varnish and it will last years and years and…

or take it inside when that rain cloud shows up!!! :slight_smile:


--------- feet?

Fantastic job! I really like these functional builds.

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Really awesome!

Looks great, would be a shame to see it weather. Don’t have any experience with the PG plywood outside so take my advice for what it is. But looking at the MDF like center core, if it rains the plywood might not last a week. Spraying or covering with Polyurethane or Marine Valspar should get it through the summer.


This is really beautiful! Great design.

It is an incredible design but I was wondering why you did not have a horizontal element showing where on those nicely made curves you were on that day? That way where the two shadows crossed would be most precise.

As for the MDF centered plywoods I would definitely try and soak the edges in a clear acrylic as any dampness that gets in will swell the MDF and make it fall apart much faster…

Having become very annoyed with the 19" limitations and discovering how strong a tiny fingers lap can be I am working on a table design that could just as well be a pedestal as a table for those of us lacking a proper tree trunk.

Can you explain more what you mean by a horizontal element and two shadows crossing? I have thought about scoring lines into the curves to mark the month boundaries (like in the legend on the base). I think engraving month names into every curve would be a bit too busy. But it sounds like you’re thinking of something else.

This is super cool. Really like this project a lot.

You have the vertical element as a wire that the shadow will point the time of day. If there was one on a plane perpendicular to that wire it would cast a shadow that would move up and down with the seasons. So you would have both the hour and the vertical elevation of the sun reflected in the crossing of the two shadows,

Alternatively a fishing lead clamped at the middle of the wire would do the same job pointing to different places at the same hour but different times of the year.



Lest we forget the greatness here.


Wonder how it held up?

Ply doesn’t like rain… I’m guessing not well.