Super Bowl Weekend Designs

Who is ready for Super Bowl Weekend!

The Stadium Series by Homestyle Customs was created for the sports enthusiast that is passionate about the big game. We have included 3 unique customizable signs for your customers to choose the perfect design for their space. This can also be a great opportunity to start connecting with your local leagues and teams to get those big orders placed!

Currently on sale for Super Bowl weekend.


Well, i got excited about this, but…I’m from Missouri! Go Chiefs :grinning:


@rvogt show me! I grew up in missouri


Be careful how you promote that game. They can be very litigious.

How about the Superb Owl Game?


Good tip. I made sure not to mention the game, league or teams in my post or product :slight_smile:


What area were. you in? I live around the Lake of the Ozarks area!

I grew up in Joplin, a stones throw from the lake of the Mozart’s.

I was born there but within months escaped to southern California, and one little earthquake later kept going to Hawaii.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

I always thought that Soup or Bowl was a false dichotomy as one without the other was much less than both together.

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I was stuck there until 18, joined the army and went to Cali for basic training and language training. Loved the Monterey area.

Lots to like but on shaky ground, in more ways than just earthquakes,


Droughts, fires, housing prices, plagues (well the plagues are everywhere, but generally a tough place to live that the plagues have made harder) The really excellent job that thy did in the past (best universities free or low cost and much else) made things like housing so expensive because of the wealth created, no longer drive that increase, and the fires have kept the available housing below the need just trying to stay even.

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Although the summers are a bit long with the humidity, I like living here. Right now it’s 13 degrees and a bit of snow!

I’m in Lake Ozark. Go Chiefs.

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Generally, experience wins. 9 previous times in the big one makes for an implacable leader.

I am just a couple miles down the street from the Stadium and not at all happy about it. Over the next few weeks covid will be exploding around here and I never grokked the whole “local” team concept since I was in high school and actually knew a few of the players that were in my classes.

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