Super Disappointed and Frustrated

How can you have such a big thing as Premium mode, with a limited offer for a lower price, but NOT email your customers about this? I can’t keep up with this forum and only visit rarely. I don’t use my machine all the time like some, and I know I am months late on this, but if you had emailed me, I would have probably signed up…

Now my only choice is not-premium, because $50 a month is stupidly high for what you get, and I can not justify that cost at all. Even at $15 a month it’s steep, but more acceptable than the absurd $50. We already paid thousands for this device (and more for materials), and there was never any mention of adding on a monthly charge to get all the features?!?! In fact, I seem to recall years ago that it was stated that would NOT ever be the case.

Very disappointed and frustrated. To the point that I am now considering selling my machine and buying a competitors machine for less money and get more features and no monthly charge.


Check your spam settings - I got an email about the start of the Premium trial on Sept 22 but it got sorted into a folder I don’t normally check. The subject line was “ You’ve been upgraded!”


Yeah, Dan did a mail out to everyone on September 21st…I kept it in case you can’t find it…

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FWIW, this is my recipe for anything that I want to be sure I don’t miss:



I totally get why you’re disappointed, but if you haven’t used your machine in 5 months, you may not even miss the features. Plenty of people chose to not sign up because they could do what they needed just as easily in their design software. Your machine should behave just the same as it did before. It’s hard to feel like you missed out on something, but hopefully it’s something you won’t really miss in the end.


These are design features that didn’t exist when you bought the machine. It’s literally a separate service, like adding a WiFi hotspot to your car. No effect on the car if you don’t have it, but a cool new toy if you’re willing to pay extra.

They have already run a sale on this, so they likely will again. Update your email settings so you get the :glowforge: emails and see what happens.


You absolutely don’t need the premium feature. You can do everything it does and more in any design software. If you choose a free software then even better. Inkscape works well with the GF and it costs zero.


@reltham Thank you for the feedback about the email, we do try not to send you too many emails, but want to make sure are hearing about any new features or improvements. Staying up to date with all the forum posts can be a lot! We do make sure to share any new updates in Announcements

As you know, since you’ve had your Glowforge for a while, you can print incredible things without Glowforge Premium, and we’ve made sure that you have a lifetime free subscription to Glowforge Print. There’s no cost to print things with your Glowforge. Your subscription to Glowforge Print is included with the purchase of your Glowforge and free forever.

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