Super easy, fun and GIANT music swag


Here’s an idea for some fun decor for your music room or maybe a personalized gift for a guitarist in your life: GIANT guitar picks.

Cut from medium acrylic and etched the graphics with a “paint and wipe” for the color break. Would be fun with your favorite band’s logo or guitarist’s name.

And people either scratch their head or nod knowingly when they see a giant version of this iconic shape:

Again, add your own graphics.

I can post the embarrassingly simple .svg files if you like.


Great idea! Then of course there would be the younger ones asking “What’s the big yellow thing?”


What do they call the big yellow thing? (I know what it’s used for, just not what the danged thing is called.)


Oh, great idea!!

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Apparently “record adapter.”

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That’s it! :smile:



Actually “45 rpm spindle adapter” or “45 rpm plastic insert”. There were other types (most folks would recognize the thin black rectangle version) also used to go over the tall spindle on a record changer that would allow you to stack several 45s on the changer and listen to as many as 6 songs in a row :yum:

Wow, does that bring back memories. Now we need to have thousands of songs at our fingertips or we think we’re missing out on something :slightly_smiling_face:


these days most of us* use something more like this, for the extra stability.

*who still play 45s. Like these guys.


My little toy record player had a thing that popped up in the middle so you could play 45s, which is pretty much all I had as a kid. For some reason, albeit really good ones, I was never trusted with my parent’s lps.

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Wouldn’t that make a cool set of coasters or a trivet? Very retro. Might be time to go make my fortune at the retirement homes. :smile:

(Oh wait…never mind.)


Very cool, I still occasionally buy packs of the 45 adapters online and use a set of punching pliers and make a tiny hole to create earrings that get a lot if interest. Of course I do the same with actual picks and folks love those as earrings also.

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My husband recently mentioned an Elton John song to a new (read ‘young’) employee that was on the B side, so was never expected to be a hit. New employee: “What’s a B side?”


I was trying to tell my 9yo granddaughter a funny story about her uncle and the stereo when he was a kid, but got hijacked by her questions, “what’s a stereo?” “what’s a knob?” and finally just gave up on the whole thing. I felt like such a relic!


Love these. Perfect foe any music lover.

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This happens to me on a daily basis mostly. Some of my coworkers are sub 25. Even just a 10 year difference is enough to see I gap in understanding of some jokes. Luckily one is a music nut so he can appreciate this.