Super Frustrated

My shipping date has been pushed back YET AGAIN. I bought last September 2016, and now I have been pushed back another month (end of January 2018). I work for a non-profit camp and we were hoping to use it to make crafts and souvenirs for our store. I bought it with donation money and now our donors and employees now refer to it as the “Mythical Glowforge” - not building my confidence in your company or our staff and donors confidence in ours. Thanks.

Hey, to put it into perspective, I bought mine on 10/23/15 and my date is 12/29/17. So, in the grand scheme of things, you’re timeline is a lot shorter than most. I understand your frustrations, but imagine if you had been waiting an entire extra year. So…


Wow, thanks for the perspective

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Not much consolation I’m sure. Hang in there. I’m still on the boat waiting with you. It shouldn’t be too long now.

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I waited two years and two months for mine. I have had it about three weeks now and it was worth the wait. I have made so much I have ordered material three times already. Trust me you gonna love it when you get it.:grinning:


I’m sorry we let you down, @jonmoore. We’re running the factory as fast as we can to catch up.


Well I got mine and right out of the box it has an issue that can’t be fixed remotely. I had to box it up last night and ship it back this weekend. When I ask when I will get a new one I get “we are working on it” i have been waiting since 2015. this kind of sucks

ugh! sorry for you…
I’m not sure what’s worst, seeing the estimated date slipping back and not recieving the Gforge, or finally getting 1 and realizing it needs to be sent back!

For what it’s worth, after about a week of troubleshooting my first unit, once they said they were going to replace it, the new one was in UPS’s hands very quickly. Now that the Christmas rush is winding down, delivery times should be more consistent.

They’ll get you squared away.


so right you are johnse…i got my other one today…and made my first cut. so awesome! wow i have to say the customer service is really good

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