Super slow

I pay for pro, and I am supposed to be in the fast lane. IIs anyone else finding the service to be really slow these days? It takes 5 minutes to get my image processed. Wow, am I impatient.

There are issues this AM



TIME STAMP 10: 37 AM Ohio Time

Check the link above - they are having a mess until they fix it.

I just started a print, and it loaded about as fast as it normally does. I am a Pro user with Premium too. when it takes forever to load I just figure too many people at home cruising the web! Sometimes when I get really impatient, ( a lot of the time!) I close out the GF app, come back and then sometimes the print will go on through.

Check the link above. Their computers are having a hic-up. I would not try until there was an all clear signal.


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