Super Smash Birthday Bash


My youngest son’s party is Sunday. 8 kids for a SSB4 tourney. Made up nametags for them with their character color and screen name. And of course had to make trophies.

Nametags are engravers plastic (Rowmark)

Trophies are cast colored acrylic, masked then painted after etched. Base is 1/4" black acrylic with etched gold mirror SSB4 logo on top.


He wanted the cake Peach gives Mario after she’s rescued…it has a star on top, so that’s his cake topper…lol (I realized I forgot to pull the masking off the little dots in the eyes…hope I remember when it’s time…lol)


Awwwww, those are the cutest little trophies I’ve ever seen!


Your parties look like so much fun! :smile:


Yes, the cutest little trophies ever!!!