Superimposed carving

I have learned to carve one image lightly carved and superimpose a darker image on top of it. It worked out great for the lake and species of fish and birds around here.

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Very clever! What a great touch! What did you do, just leave it there and then do your darker engrave over it?


That’s Awesome. I Agree what a Great Touch.

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So, are they two different engrave actions? If so, you might want to learn about rasterization and the use of the “3d engrave” or “vary power” settings.

You should be able to do that kind of an engraved image in a single action, it’ll save you a lot of time over doing two separate engrave jobs.

If you’re already doing that then carry on, nice map.


Nice piece of work there! The live edge makes it. :sunglasses:
Like @evansd2 said, in the vary power mode the laser power responds to shades of grey. White= zero power, black =100% power with 256 shades in between. Same images in lighter/darker shades can be accomplished in one operation.
That variable power allows the machine to actually sculpt. :crazy_face:


Interesting technique! Layered engraving is something I haven’t tried—I like the idea!


Very nice!

This is an awesome technique!!

Turned out beautiful!

I am sorry that I have not responded to you. I carved them at the same time, but yes I set the larger image to less power for the darker images to pop out.


No problem - I fully understand how busy we all get! And thanks!

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