Supplementary Electronics Supply

So, I’ve been ordering LED accent products for years to supplement my stuff, using I’ve generally been satisfied with their product and the timeliness of their deliveries. Then Facebook advertised a subset of Wish, called Geek, which offers tiny electronics products at RIDICULOUS discounts. Like $2 for a product you’d pay $20 for elsewhere. I was suspicious, but figured I could spare a couple bucks to find out.

So far, I’ve had good luck. They have little LED products that might even be from the same manufacturer as my original supplier! So I thought I’d share, with a few caveats/disclaimers:

  • You have to create an account to view the products. This kept me away from the site for a long time, but one day I was bored and decided… meh.

  • Trigger Warning: Gambling or gambling like environment. Their site is SUPER gimmicky, with flash deals on almost everything you buy. So if you’re sensitive to video poker, or have difficulty with impulse control, be careful.

  • Shipping is slow and promised dates are not especially reliable (think 90s catalog shopping). But I figure, many of you are in the same boat as me. If you don’t have your glowforge yet, why does it matter that your materials take a while to show up?

  • I’m still ordering very carefully. I’m sure with the kind of discounts they offer that some of these products, some of them have GOT to be defective. I may have just gotten lucky. But I tend to order one of something at a couple bucks, wait until it arrives and test it, then order a handful. Since time isn’t an issue at the moment, I’d rather save the money.

So anyway, despite the caveats I still think it was worth sharing. If nothing else for all the little LED projects people are creating, you can get super cheap LED components there.


Thanks! Checking it out now!
(Geez I feel old when I’m on the THIRD page of the Birth Year list.)


I don’t have an addiction problem, but I LOL’d at this not because I thought it was silly, but because I really wished that some sites would offer some sort of EP rating to keep me away… :smile:


I order several cool things from geek…too many things probably…lol
Success rate (received what was expected) has been about 70…30.
70 being receiving what was ordered and
30 being poor quality or never came.
They are very good about refunding your money though.
You can save a bit if you "buy with other shoppers"
They usually come up first in the list of several offers of the same product.
Also, many times I will put what I want in the cart and wait a day or two because often I get a notice that something in my cart is on sale…


Thank you for sharing. I’ve definitely had a handful of things come being lower quality than expected, I’ve also had a few come late – so the no-shows may still be on their way. But at the same time if it were my orders, I probably wouldn’t be holding my breath.

I look at it as, I’m spending so much less than if I bought it on a reliable site, that I’m still coming out ahead. I plan to make and sell these shadowbox cubes, and I’ve managed to get something like 25 of the LED disks that I use to light them up, for 1/4 the cost I would have paid.

This is sort of a conundrum for me since I own a business in the United States and want to support local Commerce. As far as craftsmanship I still buy locally because I appreciate supporting my fellow American business owners but when you’re talking raw materials it’s different because most of the stores that sell it in the US are buying it from China and marking it up…