Supplier of Adhesive Sheet

Hello fellow forgers,

I am hoping someone can point me into the right direction on finding a supplier of the masking tape material that is similar to what is covering the Proofgrade materials.


Tons of posts on this. What you’re looking for is masking material.

Here’s just one thread:

Search for “masking”, and you’ll find the rest.


Thanks for the response

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This is my personal favorite after trying a few.


And just to clarify before anybody freaks out again:

The transfer tape is used for vinyl. It is not itself made of vinyl. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the save there.

Have you tried the transfer tape with leather?

I use that for all my leather cutting. Works great.


TransferRite Ultra 582U is paper-based and behaves virtually the same as the masking on the Proofgrade material:


I’m using EnduraMASK MHT 130 Medium-High Tack. It’s somewhat less sticky than what Glowforge uses on the Proofgrade materials, but it works well. And it’s pretty cheap, at $26/roll for 12 inches by 100 yards. (And the last time I bought some I got $5 off by taking a survey on the signwarehouse site.)

You just need to be sure to apply pressure with a squeegee, roller, or other applicator tool to squeeze out all the air bubbles. Otherwise your masking may tend to peel off over time. (Especially with the air assist from the Glowforge blowing at it.)

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Curious if anyone has ever tried using packing paper sprayed with repositionable adhesive?

I remember someone using tracing paper and repositionable spray adhesive with success.

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Thanks for the tip, I’m going to try it