Support and Hotmail

After severa attempts to reach from my Hotmail account and after reading the threads, i have realized either the glowforge support platform do not like Hotmail because not autoreplies or ticket number has been received, or the Hotmail platform is filtering those glowforge messages. i have tried from a different mail address and i got an autoreply. hope this information to help you in case you are having issues with support.



Hotmail does this a lot. They block all of my businesses auto replies as well. It’s very frustrating.

Indeed. I managed online courses for 10+ years and strongly recommended that all my Hotmail-using students get a gmail account for class-related communications.

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Thank you for the feedback about your experience using your Hotmail account. The team is investigating to see what we can do.

We appreciate you sharing it here in order to help others who may be running into the same issue.