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March 25, I emailed support on a spark and no working after installing the camera’s black ribbon. I never got email on anything. I emailed again 2 days later. Still nothing. I then emailed Sales and I actually got a response back. The very nice lady replied and we found out that somehow they were emailing me on a old and no longer working email (that was changed moths prior & I had emailed from my email and on the form I had put the email too). She said Jeremy actually had responded but to the old email address. She sent a copy of his reply and I followed his directions to get the refurbished unit to replace this one. She said she had confirmed he would get with me that day. Here we are April 5th with NO RESPONSE or way to figure out what is going on now. Tried calling nothing and tried emailing. I did get a response that they are backed logged and will try and get back with me, that was Sunday. What am I to do? I lost money on my event we were doing. Plus I have another one coming up in 2 weeks and paid a large amount for it that is not refundable. Im so upset over this and can not believe there is NO WAY to get ahold of them. This is ridiculous. Does anyone have any solutions on them? I have now instead of getting another one, gonna go buy a different brand after this fiasco with them, but until I can save up…I need my machine fixed. They got there money…

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Phone and email, those are your options.

It’s unfortunate they don’t have better support, but this isn’t a business-class machine. It’s for light hobby/crafting use.

They also generally don’t work on weekends.

I am confused, You’re old email? - what email is your glowforge registered to?
THAT’S the email address they will use to contact you

you emailed

did you get a new email address, and not had them update the info?
That’s not Glowforge’s fault… and you can’t blame them for that

if there sending you a refurb laser, it takes 5 days (business days) to happen
If you already sent them the paperwork, for a refurb, all you can do now is wait for the replacement.

it really sounds like They did everything right here…

am I missing something?


  1. They could have/should have, just replied to the email he sent, then he would have received it. Not the customer’s fault.
  2. It doesn’t matter if this device is a “business-class machine” or for “light hobby/crafting use”. They should still have better support. The fact is, these are very expensive machines and we, as customers, deserve better service. Period. Don’t play the “Covid Card” or “shipping problem” card. Find a solution. Ignoring customers is NOT a solution.

I bought a Samsung 4K TV. It had audio issues. They kept in constant contact with me. They sent someone to my house to replace some circuit boards. They called me afterwards to make sure it was still working properly. The emailed me 2 months later asking me is it was still working correctly. Now THAT is customer service. No, I don’t expect Glowforge to send someone to my house, even under warranty, but they certainly CAN, and SHOULD follow up.

I absolutely LOVE my Glowforge, and have not had any issues yet (it’s out of warranty).
But I am absolutely worried that when I do, that I will get to experience their absolutely crappy service.


Samsung paid to have an engineer from a local company come out to my home and replace a bad LCD on a 4K TV.

I would have thought just shipping a replacement TV would have been more affordable.

Economy of scale, I guess.


Like a single lcd circuit or the screen in the tv?

The entire screen. Bad pixels.

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