Support not responding to emails so..Shipping problems take 2

Hi there,

I’m learning that this is the best way to get some help!

I got my letter saying it’s ready to be sent and i fill in my address, and i get a ,“Unnecessary secondary unit designator and/or number”

I have used this address for 6 years and have verified it against the post office page.

Again glowforge, can someone call me or take my address down so i can get on the ship it today list as it’s now over a week since it was supposed to ship.

Also, please don’t close this ticket until it’s actually really resolved. Cause it aint and i’d much rather be chatting about what new projects i’m working on. Alas.

Gotta handle your shipping issues! This is bananas! (previously had a 404 error when trying to fill in address.)

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I would delete the secondary unit designator (apartment or suite or something) and submit it so you’re activated and they assign your build slot. Then you can wait for when they get back to your email request and fix the address - plenty of time for that but you want to start the GF delivery clock ticking ASAP and not wait while they get to your address issue.

I did, and when i did it then says, Missing a secondary unit designator and/or number

very frustrating!

PC Load Letter?!

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That’s great. You can’t have one but if you don’t have one you need one. Sheesh.

Are you using a # in there by any chance? (Like Apt #3D?") I know the addressing schema standard for electronic addressing says not to or if you do, leave a space between the # and anything coming afterward.

Just a long shot guess here. :slight_smile:

Heh, i truly appreciate the thoughts, sadly… i have tried it all the ways. With it capitalized, not, spelled out, etc etc etc. Any way you can say “8th Floor.”

I have been trying since the 9th which is when i got the email saying January 9th!
This makes me nervous and annoyed!!

Ah. Did you try Floor 8?

I did. I even tried just 8, eight, etc. I had a 404 issue and was told it got fixed, I don’t think it was actually fixed.

I’d like to think that someone would have gotten back to me by now with hey, what’s your address? let me help you with this and were gonna speed it up on our dime.


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I’m so sorry that your address didn’t validate! I’ve followed up with steps to proceed in the email you sent us about and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.