Support not responding

I bought new basic and have only had it a week. I have been working through a laundry list of issues with this machine since I got it. Support has walked me through many, many different troubleshooting steps with no resolution. I have told support three different times that I would like a replacement and I will cross ship this one. They have not responded to me on this request. They are however willing to continue troubleshooting. Who has time for that? I had to borrow my brothers machine from 200 miles away so I could finish getting ready for my craft show.

Posting here opens another ticket with support, so they will probably be along shortly to tell you they are working with you via email and close this discussion.

But they aren’t emailing me. I Already tried.

It can take three business days or more for a response.

On your ‘Laundry List’ post, Support did ask you to do some troubleshooting and reply to them on each individual post. You do need to do that step in order to move forward. It is worth your time to attempt and answer their questions.


Clearly they are communicating. Each time you open a new ticket you slow down the response to your issue because they have to find/verify/close any new tickets before they can deal with the original request. If you have had a conversation via an email thread you should continue it there.


Ok I will wait one more day to hear from them.

It’s been faster recently, but generally 3 business days is considered standard.

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Some companies still honor Veterans day as a holiday–so do take that into account…


Ah, this was with regards to existing discussions.

I see you haven’t responded to their questions in each of your other threads four days ago, so I wouldn’t expect more from them until you do.


Perhaps she should just do a refund then order a new Glowforge once the refund goes through. I’ve never see support this lax especially on items that are $2500 or more. Clearly she has significant issues when she can use a different machine without problems. Seems like the company would be much better off just to do the cross ship.



This. If the OP is not bothering to respond to existing discussion threads for several days, not sure how they can say support is not responding.


Do we have a square for this?


She clearly said that she had responded both here and through email. She shouldn’t need to troubleshoot a new machine. Al they need to do is say “ok obviously there is an issue (as everyone here can see) so let’s get you a new machine.”

I think if you get this square you just burn the game and walk away


They have multiple open discussions where they have not responded to support questions. They aren’t going to ship a machine until those issues are resolved, one way or another.

It’s frustrating to have issues and perhaps the machine needs to be replaced, but you can’t claim support is not responding when their questions have gone without answer for several days.


It appears that she has responded to every one of them. She’s had the machine for nearly 2 weeks and it still isn’t working properly. I think we should all stop offering opinions (me included) and let support actually get up and do something.

Dear support, please get up and do something. I was the one who recommended this machine and am now embarrassed as hell.

No, she hasn’t. The last post in each thread is from support, and the question in each has no reply.


Each ticket will be flagged “pending customer” until she replies. So their job is done until the customer replies. That’s how support works.

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