Support won't respond

Is anyone else having trouble getting help from support?

I contacted Glowforge about needing a new printer head and when they responded with pricing, I responded within 5 minutes, and said I would also pay for overnight shipping. This was TUESDAY, and I have responded twice with NO response. I even opened a new support request on Thursday morning, and STILL no response.

I have called the support line during their posted hours, and either it rings and nobody answers, or it sends me to leave a voicemail to “save my place in line” to call me back. I call multiple times a day to try and get through, and NOT ONCE have I received any kind of response.

I understand this is a busy time of year, but why not just offer ALL replacement parts online so I don’t have to email back and forth for a critical part of the machine?! Ugh… SO frustrating.

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They don’t have the stock levels to offer all the replacement parts online - as things have become available they’ve added them to the store - they’re still a baby company.

That being said, it’s likely that the person on your original ticket is waiting to hear back from the warehouse on stock levels, or on accounting to issue an invoice. They’ll see that you posted this and respond to your initial email with (hopefully) updated info.

Sadly, other than that you need to be patient. Opening multiple tickets sadly slows them down more since they have to find/verify/close all of them.

It sucks, and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this.


I did this yesterday as my problem was complicated and they did call back after an hour or so.

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Many issues you need to see the logs to tell you what the problem is. Many more are very iffy for regular folks to do. Still more have a shortage of parts from third party manufacturers. Where none of those things are the matter they are in the store but even then those parts go out faster than they can come in.

Oh no, I’m sorry for the delay @aubreyanneheath.

I see you have an email request, and we’ve been working on it over there. I’m going to close this request.