Support wording is off

So I read this…and had to reread it. I’m certain I’ve seen it used before but there seem to be two ideas mashed into one conflicted sentence. I would suggest altering:

Because this band isn’t exclusively used by many devices,

“Because this band is used by many devices,”
“Because this band isn’t exclusively used by this device,”

There is a legitimate use of this awkward phrase but it doesn’t seem applicable to this scenario.

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I’m not sure your suggestions fit.

They appear to be saying that the Glowforge uses only this band (hence: exclusively) and not many other devices use it exclusively, therefore, your other devices on other bands may not have a WiFi issue but your GF is.


True, the GF can only use the 2.4 WiFi while other devices will switch between 2.4 nd 5 GHz.

Then it isn’t clear. See, I understand what it’s trying to say, but it’s not what it’s actually saying.

And I like what you wrote. It’s actually clear.

It might be just how my brain is reading it today. There’s something wrong…or maybe just awkward about it that I’m trying to put my finger on and I thought I had it with the first section but you’re right neither of what i wrote work with the latter part. It may be the “other” you added. “Many” refers to numbers, while “others” emphasizes just different ones. Or maybe it’s the structure…

Because many devices do not use this band exclusively,
Because many devices can use other WiFi bands,

Those read clearly to me and for with the latter section of the sentence. Maybe it’s finally been too long and I need to go pull a grammar book and break the sentence structure down. My brain refuses to except that’s it’s been properly constructed. I could be wrong.

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The iron law of nitpicking: “You are never more likely to make a grammatical error than when correcting someone else’s grammar.”


Boy genius over here :-).

It’s definitely awkward but I get what they are saying. The “exclusive” both makes sense and is what throws it all off xD

Because this band is exclusively used by the GlowForge machine but other devices can switch between 2.4 and 5, you may not see the issues on your other devices.

Just my 2¢ on what others have already said.

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Thanks! We try to be clear and didn’t quite pull it off there. I’ll let the team know.