My Glowfoerge has stipped etching and cutting. No flicker in the laser tueb. I have contacted Support twice and a third time as a reply to an automated email. Is there no one to answer a phone?

I need to get this fixed ASAP! I have had clients waiting for several days now.

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There is no telephone support for the Glowforge, but you may be able to catch someone on their chat. Posting here in addition to emailing them opens duplicate tickets which actually slows the response time down. Someone will get back to you, but obviously not as quickly as you had hoped.


same thing for me. Last night the app wouldn’t connect to my glowforge. today there is no light in the tube or etching at all.

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You will need to open your own support ticket if you want any attention from Glowforge support. They limit each thread to one machine.


I used the Support contact box on the website. I replied to the automated email as it stated. IS there something I missed?

The comment you’re replying to was directed at a different person, @lighttoiron, informing him that he can’t use this support ticket of yours to get his machine looked at as well.

You’ve already opened multiple tickets with Glowforge support, you don’t need to do anything else.

If you’d like to do some troubleshooting while you wait for a response, you might read through this guide:

Check all those things then print the Gift of Good Measure design (that came with your machine) on a piece of Proofgrade material at the default Proofgrade settings. This is a good test as to whether your machine is working well, since it eliminates your design and your settings as possible causes of your issue.


Hello @graphics I am so sorry for the delay in response. I saw that you emailed in so I responded to you there. I look forward to hearing back from you over email. I will go ahead and close this forum thread to mitigate any confusion. Thank you!