Surface Book veneer?

Has anyone tried to make a veneer wrap for a Microsoft Surface book? I’ve been thinking about doing one with keyboard keycaps, but if it was already drawn then I wouldn’t spend the time. If no one has done it, then I’ll start working on it and post the results soon. Should be a fun project.


To steal a line from Nike… Just do it! :grinning:


I bought the walnut one from Toastmade last year since we were all still waiting - it’s super luxe but watch out for the skinny bits that go on the spine :slight_smile:

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I really like the idea of just doing the top and keys as kind of an accent color. The boss is in China next week, might be a perfect time to design it.

Any advice on how to get the veneer to conform to the curve of the laptop?

My surface book doesn’t have any curved surfaces on the cover or on the keys. I did see a picture of on veneer that did have a bunch of small circles cut out of the adhiesive masking to make it easier to remove. Might test that on a smaller piece.


Toastmade employs lots of kerfing to accommodate curves

Surface book: