Surface Pro Pen messing up UI

Hi there.

I run my Glowforge App on my Surface Pro 4. I love my laptop, and the pen tool usually makes fast work of designing and such.

I appreciate that the app has compatibility with the pen, for moving and arranging images on the screen capture of the printer. I use this all the time to get my cuts just where I want them.

HOWEVER… as soon as I use my pen to interface at all with the app, it breaks the ability of the re-ordering of cuts function on the left side. Even if I use a keyboard or mouse, I can no longer re-order the steps of my print. When I click a step, the little icon does turn into an arrow, but the tile representing that set of cuts never “lifts” up. Then as I move the cursor, (and again, nothing is being dragged with it), the icon of the cursor resets once I cross it over to a different tile of cuts.

The only way I can fix this is by reloading the app page completely, and it only stays fixed as long as I do not use my pen in anyway to interact with it.

I really REALLY appreciate that you have built in some functionality of the pen with this interface, so I thought I should let you know I’m having this error. I’ll cross my fingers that it might get fixed some time.




This should be looked at, but to me, it sounds like an issue with the pen driver, not the GF UI, which doesn’t appear to be “aware” of what kind of input device you’re using.

My Wacom tablet/stylus work exactly as expected in the UI, no different as they do in Inkscape, Gimp - even web browsers. It’s handled by the operating system, so it works just like a mouse.

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hrm. That might be, but it seemed odd that it the pen works in the partial manner. I don’t have any other issues in Inkscape, Gimp or any other program. And other things that don’t support the pen as a source of input, usually just don’t work fully. It seemed to me like it could be throwing an error of some kind. But then, I’m not a programmer :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry for any problems this caused. I’ve passed your report on to the team and we’re looking into it. I’ll update you here on whether we need any further details in order to pin down the issue.

Thanks for your patience while I looked into this. We’ve been able to reproduce this behavior - not just when using a pen on a Surface Pro, but on other touchscreen laptops as well.

We’ll continue digging into this on our end. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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