Hello, one question when I purchased my glowforge one of my goal was to engrave my sushi nori like in the advertisement but I have not found anywhere the settings, do you know if this is possible? Thank you!

Type in Sushi Settings in the search area on the top right. There are several things that popped up.

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Hello, I checked them all and in none of them have settings for the nori, any other suggestions? Thank you

Why not test starting with the plain paper settings?

Nobody has discussed sushi nori here that I am aware of.

Use for food is extremely rare, and more often cookies and such. Not many people are prepared to dedicate a machine to food-use only. Some have used their regular machine to work with food products (specifically ginger-bread) that will not be consumed.

Just test to find settings that are acceptable for you. There are dozens of threads on how to test unknown materials.

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A really important part of using your Glowforge is understanding what works and doesn’t work for your particular projects. If those projects involve using non Proofgrade materials, you need to test and evaluate your results relative to your own expectations of how you want the finished item to look. You can start with settings and examples that have been shared by others, but in the end you will need to know how the machine works on your material with your designs. The time you invest in this learning/testing is well worth it.

Should you wish to add to the community knowledge, please share your settings and experience in the Beyond the Manual section when you have achieved your desired results.


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