Sustainable Hardwoods?

Anyone know of a good source for buying Sustainable Hardwoods? I am looking for Walnut hardwood in particular. THANK YOU

Walnut is easy. Just search “hardwood supplier” or “hardwood source”. Tons of posts.


fwiw, i would recommend looking to see if you have a local supplier and can go see the wood in person first. not that there’s anything wrong with ordering online, i’ve done that, too, and successfully. but for some woods, it’s really nice to see what the piece looks like. what’s the grain, are there any knots or imperfections? is it actually .25" or is it more like .29? when you order online, unless you’re seeing actual photos of what you’re getting, you may not really know. most of the nicest pieces i have i saw first. that includes two nice nice sheets of south american walnut that i ordered on ebay. they had photos of the two actual sheets. big 10"x20" pieces, too.


If you need hardwood certified by a body because you’ll be selling what you make to customers that require certified materials I think it was a good idea to post here, but I haven’t seen this raised as a topic on the forums and I’ve seen a lot of posts. Maybe someone will reply, but I’d plan on using Google.

If you’re just trying to be responsible, then I don’t know how much you need to worry about a hardwood species native to the US and/or Canada. Especially the Eastern US and Canada like black walnut. You are probably more informed than I am, but the forestry issues in these two countries seem to relate to species used for structural lumber and pulp woods.